Studying Guitar

Today is sunday and I am here with the intention of studying for about 6 hours. 
For me, music is a study for the rest life. What excites me is that every day I go to some practice section, I learn more and more. And it is so inspiring to see new possibilities in an infinite horizon of creation. 

This is the great goal as creatures, "we are able to grow". Grow as people, as parents, as friends and as professionals. But changes, only occurs when we want to improve and fight to make this happen. 

Peace and music for all. 
Dallton Santos

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2015 New Cd

Hi my friends!
I´m proud to announce a new project for 2015.
I´ve been working on developing new harmony approaches and guitar solo skills so it´s time to release a new solo cd.
I can already tell you guys that the songs are sounding definitely different from anything I have ever done.

Join me in this musical journey where I´ll talk about my creative process, musicians involved, get inside recording sections, photo shots, studio details and other surprises!

Everything will be shared here and I´ll use some plataforms like facebook, instagram to upload 10 second videos and shots.

Make sure to sign in my site to receive by e mail all updates, see you and hope you like to follow the steps and of course...the Cd when finished!

Or follow here Thanks the support! Dallton Santos

News and new logo

Hot Pipe winning contest

Thanks Indi and all judges including Billy Sheeran and Bumblefoot that I have special admiration for chossing my song Hot Pipe.

Hot Pipe in Youtube